As an added service to our valued customers, Snake River Produce Company, LLC often uses a variety of transportation providers to make sure our product gets to its final destination quickly, safely, and efficiently. Generally, we set up new freight brokers in June – before we begin our shipping season in August. When we are looking for assistance with transportation, we will send out an email to our preferred transportation providers. More information can be found below on how to become an approved transportation provider for Snake River Produce.

The Basics:
Approved transportation providers for Snake River Produce must provide the following information for review:

  • Company and contact information;
  • IRS Form W-9;
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance (listing Snake River Produce as the certificate holder); and
  • List of references.

The Details:
For more information, please review the attached letter which includes an introduction to Snake River Produce Company, LLC. It also includes the specifics as to what we require on the Certificate of Liability Insurance. Lastly, please review the requirements from the California Air Resources Board implemented in 2013 for all transport refrigeration units traveling on California roadways.

SRP Introductory Letter, Insurance, & Transportation Requirements

Questions? Please feel free to contact us:

Snake River Produce Company

Snake River Produce Company is a leading shipper and marketer of onions in the Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion growing region. Please contact Joshua Frederick for all your onion needs!

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